Wallcovering Resources for Consumers

Residental and Commerical Wallcovering Installations

Today’s wallcovering offerings create amazing spaces for your home, office or building project. Wallcoverings offer incredible patterns and textures that are simply not available with other decorative options. Using a professional WIA installer allows the use of more sophisticated wallcoverings, creating walls that are both stunning and functional.

Commercially, wallcovering is used predominantly in hotels, office buildings, health care and other venues. Why use commercial wallcoverings? Using commercial wallcovering provides beauty, incredible durability and functionality. Designers use wallcoverings to create home environments that evoke warmth, style and reflect the unique personality of their clients. Using wallcovering allows the homeowner to put their own personal signature style on their everyday spaces.

Due to their extensive training and years of experience, a WIA professional installer is a resource to aid you with your wallcovering choices and provide accurate measurements to determine the correct quantity of wallcovering to order. WIA professionals are able to prepare your walls for wallcovering including removal of any existing wallcovering and proper wall preparation prior to installation of the new wallcovering. Using a WIA professional installer ensures a flawless, worry-free installation!

Now that you have decided to wallpaper, how do you find a professional installer?

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WIA is a non-profit association of independent wallcovering installation professionals whose main interest is upholding high-quality industry standards. When you choose a WIA member you are assured of receiving professional service from a skilled specialist dedicated to constantly improving those skills through membership in our organization.

The Benefits from Working with WIA Member Installers

By working directly with manufacturers and other industry partners, WIA members stay ahead of the curve through continuing education at conventions and workshops. It is this training, continuing education and solid experience that makes the difference when you choose an Association paperhanger.

Our Accredited Installer Program

The Wallcovering Installers Association understands that each job performed is the most important job and deserves a professional installation. It is this belief in quality and craftsmanship that led the WIA to develop our series of professional development courses. As installers progress through our training modules, they earn the right to be designated as an Accredited Installer in that course. The coursework is structured to enhance their skill set and give consumers peace of mind when looking for the right person. View class descriptions