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Founded in 1974, The Wallcovering Installers Association is an organization of wallcovering installers dedicated to superior craftsmanship in the hanging of every type of wallpaper. WIA is the only trade association dedicated exclusively to the interests and needs of wallcovering installers and those involved in the craft.

Membership Levels

Become a WIA Installer Member

WIA Installers Membership

Any person who is skilled and employed in the trade of wallcovering installation for a minimum of two years.

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Become a WIA Associate Member

WIA Associate Membership

Associate Members are manufacturers, distributors, retailers, architects, interior designers, removers and trade specialists.

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Other WIA Membership Types

Probationary Member
Someone with less than two years of experience installing wallcovering. Probationary members are entitled to all benefits of membership except for voting and using the WIA logo.

Subsequent Member
Someone who qualifies for reduced dues as an additional member from a company that employs a regular member.

Retiree Member
WIA encourages retired installers to keep in touch with the industry by offering a Retiree Member category for members who have reached the age of 62 and are no longer actively engaged in wallcovering installation or who are not actively installing due to permanent disability. Only individuals who have been members are eligible to apply for Retiree Member status.

WIA Members Can Take Advantage of Numerous Benefits

The goal WIA is to support the craft of professional wallcovering installation. It is the only trade association dedicated exclusively to the interests and needs of wallcovering installers and those involved in the craft.

  • National Convention
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Resource Guide
  • Local Chapters
See What WIA Can Do For You

WIA membership offers the best in education of our craft, opportunities to serve on committees that affect the association as a whole and the camaraderie that your peers offer in a shared profession.

Jeffrey A. Smith / Oregon

It’s hard to say in a few sentences how much WIA means to me. I was on my own for eleven years before I found it and membership has totally changed my life. It has increased my knowledge and income geometrically. I learn all the time. I honestly believe that if I hadn’t found the WIA, I would not still be hanging wallpaper.

Gerri Beauvais, C.P. / California

The WIA is the ultimate resource for the wallcovering installer. I have been involved since 1987 and in that time I have missed only a handful of meetings and have attended many conventions. Every meeting there is a worthwhile exchange of information. None of us has the whole picture but collectively we can provide the confidence to accomplish anything. Come join us as we shape the future of the wallcovering industry one person at a time.

Denis Picard, C.P. / Connecticut

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