WIA Annual Craftsmanship Awards

2017 WIA Craftsmanship Awards!

Members can participate as both a contender and a judge!

Remember you can’t be recognized if you don’t enter! Press releases with recipient information and photographs are sent to multiple national magazines for publishing. Wouldn’t it be great for your future customers to see your name in a national magazine? This is a great way to promote the professional installer as well as the wallcovering industry.

Entries will require project information, photos and additional detail.

The official 2017 entry form is linked here: ENTRY FORM
This system may time out if attempting to upload photos from cell phones or tablets.

Entries can also be submitted via USPS and should include the following information:

  1. Installer Name, Company, Address, E-mail, Telephone Number and Membership Region (Region Map)
  2. Project: Name, City, State and headline caption (25 words maximum) and award category you are recommending.
    WIA Craftsmanship Award Categories
  3. Project Description (500 words maximum)
  4. 5 - 7 Photos (72 dpi in a .jpg or .png format, .doc is not acceptable).  Please designate one photo as the primary photo.  Note: Photos should only depict the project.  Pictures including people will not be used.

Voting will begin at the regional level from July 1, 2017 through July 31, 2017.  Members will receive an email with a link displaying entries in all categories from their region and a link to vote for their top picks in each category.  The finalists in the regional voting from the four categories will then participate in a final round of voting, to be held from August 7, 2017 to August 21, 2017.  Winners will be announced at the Craftsmanship Awards Luncheon, September 8, 2017 in Fort Worth, Texas during the 2017 Wallcovering Installers' National Convention & Vendor Showcase.

Submissions to the 2017 WIA Craftsmanship Awards are limited to work performed during the entrants' membership in WIA,  as long as the job was not previously entered in the competition.

Submissions can be sent to the WIA Headquarters at info@wallcoveringinstallers.org or via USPS to 136 South Keowee Street, Dayton, Ohio 45402.

Submissions will close June 1, 2017

2016 Craftsmanship Award Winners

WIA Craftsmanship Awards - Winners

From Left to Right: Steven Kaye, C.P.; Anthony Russo, C.P.; Ric Fisher, Shelly Wilkins, C.P.; Larry Cohen; and Jeanette Gilbreath. NOT PICTURED: Bill Kraves, Sandra Catlet, Michael King and Michael Baughman, C.P.