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Whether you are beginning a career in wallcovering installation, honing your current skills or hoping to add installation skills to your existing business, getting the right education can be daunting. To help with that challenge, the WIA has developed Wallcovering Installers School. Designed by professional installers, Wallcovering Installers School courses are online and self-paced, specifically intended to let the learner advance at their own speed. Course instruction includes text, video and graphics to enhance the learner’s experience.

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Still not sure? We invite you to set up a no charge student account and watch the video overview of each course’s content. Individual courses are an invaluable source of trade mastery and skill knowledge at a price of only $125 per course.

Be sure to check back often as WIA will be constantly growing the Wallcovering Installers School offerings, soon with a new designation for a Commercial Installation Specialist!

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WIA membership offers the best in education of our craft, opportunities to serve on committees that affect the association as a whole and the camaraderie that your peers offer in a shared profession.

Jeffrey A. Smith / Oregon

It’s hard to say in a few sentences how much WIA means to me. I was on my own for eleven years before I found it and membership has totally changed my life. It has increased my knowledge and income geometrically. I learn all the time. I honestly believe that if I hadn’t found the WIA, I would not still be hanging wallpaper.

Gerri Beauvais, C.P. / California

The WIA is the ultimate resource for the wallcovering installer. I have been involved since 1987 and in that time I have missed only a handful of meetings and have attended many conventions. Every meeting there is a worthwhile exchange of information. None of us has the whole picture but collectively we can provide the confidence to accomplish anything. Come join us as we shape the future of the wallcovering industry one person at a time.

Denis Picard, C.P. / Connecticut

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