What Members Think

“WIA membership offers the best in education of our craft, opportunities to serve on committees that affect the association as a whole and the camaraderie that your peers offer in a shared profession.”

– Jeffrey A. Smith, Oregon

“It’s hard to say in a few sentences how much WIA means to me. I was on my own for eleven years before I found it and membership has totally changed my life. It has increased my knowledge and income geometrically. I learn all the time. I honestly believe that if I hadn’t found the WIA, I would not still be hanging wallpaper.” 

– Gerri Beauvais, C.P., California

“The WIA is the ultimate resource for the wallcovering installer. I have been involved since 1987 and in that time I have missed only a handful of meetings and have attended many conventions. Every meeting there is a worthwhile exchange of information. None of us has the whole picture but collectively we can provide the confidence to accomplish anything. Come join us as we shape the future of the wallcovering industry one person at a time.” 

– Denis Picard, C.P., Connecticut

“The WIA has enabled me to hone my skills to a level that would otherwise never have been possible. Through conventions, workshops, chapter meetings, and simple conversation with other professionals I have gained an untold amount of knowledge unavailable without such a network. Simply put, WIA offers members the chance to become the best of the best.”

– Philip Reinhard, New Jersey

“For me, WIA membership is a way of differentiating myself from the competition. It sends the message to prospective clients that I am interested in my craft and am staying up-to-date with changes in the industry and continuing education. Through the annual conventions I have made connections with some great installers and manufacturers, and I know that my questions are taken more seriously by them as a result of my membership.”

– Eunice Bokstrom, Alberta, Canada

“I find that the friendships made, the networking among members, the ability to get additional qualified help (when needed for a larger job), being able to take on larger jobs because of the ability to get a larger work force, the sharing of technology, and most of all meeting some of the finest people on earth. The more involved you are, the more that is available.”

– Carl Bergman, C.P., Illinois

Being a member of the WIA is an honor because I have the privilege to be counted among some of the best paperhangers in the United States. There are numerous opportunities to teach and be taught with my peers. I love being a paperhanger. I think that’s what the association is all about. . . .the love of the trade.”

– Joan Hobbs, C.P., North Carolina

“Joining the WIA is one of the three most important decisions I have made in my professional life. Before I joined the association in 1990, I worked as a painter/ paperhanger. I would never have made it to where I am today without my association with WIA. The one-on-one interaction with other paperhangers is so helpful in building your skills as well as your business. You will not be sorry.”

– Barry Blanchard, Maine

“Long before I heard about WIA, I realized that the craft of paperhanging was always evolving, changing, and advancing. My first exposure to WIA was a day long workshop. I picked up on the fact that this group of paperhangers represented a tremendous wealth of experience and knowledge, and they were more than willing to share that with other paperhangers. I knew in an instant what membership could mean to me as a paperhanger.”

– John J. Egan, Connecticut