Wallcovering Estimator

Wallcovering Estimator

Estimation Example
20' + 20' + 15' + 15' = 70' room circumference
70' x 8' ceiling height = 560 sq. feet
560 / 25 = 22.4 single rolls
23 single rolls is how much to order

Special circumstances (cathedral ceilings, stairways, etc.) will need a professional estimate. So, obtain exact estimates from where you intend to purchase your wallpaper. Otherwise, if a professional will be doing the installation, they will provide this service.

Wallcovering Estimator Needs

Start with an accurate measurement of the desired walls. Use a yardstick or steel tape measure. In addition, measure in feet rounding up to the next half or whole foot. Above is a diagram showing a generic room to illustrate how this estimation takes place. So, you will first add together the length of every wall that will be covered. Then, multiply this number by your ceiling height.

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