Coming of Age

Coming of age in the sixties and Great Britain, interior designer Nina Campbell flourished in a decade notably known for counterculture, a revolution in social norms, and a major shift towards individual freedoms. Her interior designs, fabric choices, and fashion collaborations combine bold mixes of color and pattern prevalent of the times with timeless romantic influences from Italy, France, and England. Her personal style choice today of rosy heart-shaped sunglasses continue to add a nod to her generation and places her firmly as an international design icon.  

Interior Designer - Nina CampbellBorn in 1945 to a Scottish father and a Vienesse mother from Pittsburgh, Campbell experienced the two divorcing at an impressionable young age in 1960. During this time Nina was educated at an all-girls boarding school Heathfield School, Ascot. Campbell went on to begin her career working under Sybil Colefax & John Fowler, British designers of furnishings, fabric, and wallpaper, at the age of 19. Born with an entrepreneurial savviness, Nina wouldn’t be there for long. She soon branched out on her own into furnishing fabrics, wallpapers, and tableware designs that earned their way into the high-end UK department stores John Lewis.

Early Work & Current Projects

Nina Campbell reached iconic status with the help of an impressive list of famous clientele and major well-known projects early on in her career. The English designer made a name for herself designing the Duke and Duchess of York’s home, designing for Ringo Starr, and the 5-star capital hotel in Knightsbridge. Her latest projects, according to her website, span the globe from a large residence in mainland China, a project for the Jordanian Royal family, to a luxurious townhouse in New York. She works with a wide range of trusted craftsmen in all decorative fields to accomplish her niche of high-end design work and interior design projects.

Campbell can be found residing in the trendy Chelsea, London neighborhood where she also has a popular shop on Knightsbridge, also located in London, carrying home accessories and gifts. Her work spans over 4 decades since starting out as an intern at the upscale Colefax & Fowler. Nina also enjoys collaborations such as the wildly successful relationship she has with Osborne & Little, designing wallpapers and fabrics, since 1989. Other collaborations include projects with Ted Baker, a British luxury clothing maker where she became known for her Orchic Blossom prints.

Experience & Accolades

As a result of numerous famous projects worldwide from Barbados to Paris, Nina has received industry recognition in the form of several awards. She was awarded an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Middlesex in 2001 and the Royal Oak Timeless Design Award in 2003. As a result of venturing into fashion and fabrics, Campbell was awarded the American Fashion Award where she specifically received recognition as 'a woman who has most influenced style internationally'. She is also the author of five books on design including one of her best-sellers, Nina Campbell’s Decorating Secrets: Easy Ways to Achieve the Professional Look.

When to Choose Nina Campbell Designs

Bringing it all together for the wallcovering installer looking to branch out into high-end, luxury wallpapers, we’re reviewing Nina Campbell’s latest collections to inspire your venture into the high-end niche. She offers a sophisticated, a little bit whimsical, and very bold palette of color and graphics. Her designs never shy away from using color either, which is what clients enjoy when choosing her prints and keeps them returning for more. Her designs appeal to the young and wise and fit within contemporary and traditional interiors. Venturing into the more elegant side of the spectrum, clients who are likely to choose Nina Campbell want the name-brand and well-known artistry that comes with her designs.

Campbell creates unique custom designs as unique as the private clients she serves - leading to repeat business. She tends to both work with client existing furniture and art, but can acquire antiques and bespoke pieces to round out a project as fancy as a Scottish castle and as custom as a New York powder room. When taking a page out of Nina Campbell’s playbook, or wallcovering fabric offering, the wallcovering installer is advancing into a high-end niche that will “wow” the next prospective client and beyond.

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