What happens when tech meets wallpaper? Not your grandmother’s Laura Ashley wallpaper of the '80s. We are seeing greater advancements in digital printing leading to increased popularity with wallcoverings and wallpaper used in interior designs. Here’s the latest in digital printing technology for wallpaper.

Benefits of Digital Printing for Wallpaper

  • No More Repeats: Digital printing gives designers the ability to confidently break out of repeat designs and instead choose high-resolution photo wallpaper and designs on a larger scale.
  • Go Outside the Lines: Now designers can deliver rainbows and unicorns to their clients; figuratively or literally. Designers can think outside the lines (geometrics, patterns, repeats) and deliver a sunset gradient or a cityscape, as examples, because digital printing paves the way for any color imaginable with or without the lines.
  • Deliver Custom On Demand Designs: Digital printing gives the on-demand consumer customization and the supplier the ability to deliver printed custom wallpaper without sitting on stock.

Choose Between Inkjet or Electrophotography

Digital Printing AdvancesOne of the main drawbacks according to Xeikon with inkjet jobs are the chemicals as well as low production speeds. The question then becomes whether the job is a commercial job or a household interior. For interior projects, it is likely you will find electrophotographic wallpaper printing better suited to your needs for its use of dry toner onto the substrate. What technology advancements in digital printing has enabled include driving down costs, increasing print widths, and also greater speed.

Wallpaper has always had a place with designers for unique pops of color as well as pattern; now with digital printing that can include custom and on demand. With more digital printing technology and capabilities, there’s even more room for creativity and large-scale results. If you’re considering adding digitally printed wallpaper to your household or commercial offerings, there are key players to research along with a few not on that list like Xeikon.

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