mural-wallpaper-forestWelcome to our new blog! Our goal is to provide regular communication to wallcovering installers who rely on us to keep them up to date on the industry. Also, to our consumers who appreciate the appearance of professionally installed wallcoverings. We want to build a strong and trusted community that stays on the forefront of current trends. Our goal is simple: Provide valuable information about the world of wallcoverings.


If you’re a professional wallcovering installer, we plan to supply you with resources and information to help you grow your business. We want to share tips and insights from others in the industry on topics such as the best ways to win bids and effective ways to get referrals. We hope this blog will keep you on the pulse of what’s happening in all wallcovering industry aspects. Ensuring your business success!


Modern Interior.For consumers, we’ll focus on topics that can help you with your wallcovering needs at home or at your business. Our goal is to be your number-one resource to rely on when you have questions. We plan to cover helpful topics such as how to pick the best installer for the job and where to buy wallcoverings. Plus, with so many unique varieties available for indoor and outdoor areas, we’ll provide tips on how to choose the best wallcoverings for certain spaces.

As we continue to educate consumers about all their wallcovering options, we hope to spread the word that today’s wallcoverings are so much more than outdated floral wallpaper designs from grandmother’s house. Contemporary choices range from digital prints to papers adorned with glass beads. We want our readers to know about all of them!

We look forward to sharing our new blog with you. It’ll be available through email, and you can also access it on our website. We hope you’ll enjoy it, and we welcome your feedback.

For a referral to a professional Wallcovering Installers Association member in your area, use our Find a Wallcovering Installer tool.