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For the past few years, trendy designs from home improvement shows and home decor stylists have helped wallcoverings maintain their popularity — specifically wallpaper. In fact, most homeowners can now benefit from the wallcovering designs developed in the homes of the ultra-rich. Those fashion forward homes are often viewed as the perfect place for design experimentation. Gone is the drab and stodgy designs of your grandmother’s wallpaper. Revamp your space — within your budget — using a plethora of new wallcovering developments in high-fashion designs, colors, and materials.

What’s changed?

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Now, faux materials, sleek colors, and bold statement pieces cover the walls of many homes, offices — and even closets. Why is this new wallcovering wave so popular? If variety truly is the spice of life, nothing is quite as palatable as the ability and ease with which you can make varying decisions in designing your home decor. Because wallpaper can bring a comprehensive change to a room, manufacturers are responding to consumer interests by flooding the market with options for designs sure to delight even the most expensive tastes on nearly any budget.

The rebirth in interest, in what many perceive to be the height of interior design fashion, lies in the range of options, costs, and effects available. You can transform an entire room with a wallcovering revamp. The wallpaper installments could include a ceiling covering and carefully crafted design on complementary walls.

Interesting options

The abundant use of shiplap in many popular home improvement shows has also encouraged a decrease in cost and an increase in availability because you can achieve the same expensive look by installing faux wallcoverings. Certain TV renovation stars also partner with manufacturers to bring more wallcovering options to consumers. Although many homeowners can’t afford high-end wall paneling or shiplap, a double roll of faux shiplap wallpaper is affordable, attainable, and still achieves the desired look.

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Wallcoverings are also extremely versatile, which allows for bold design choices without necessitating high risk. Feeling bold? Choose a bold wallcovering pattern for a master bedroom accent wall with complementary wallpaper designs to surround it. Want to impress your clients at work? Consider adding a single grass cloth wall to a customer bathroom while using neutral-toned wallpaper on the others. Making such selective design choices can not only showcase your flair for design but also your exotic tastes. However, keep in mind that all wallcoverings — especially more demanding styles — require professional installation. When you have an expert beautifully install your wallcoverings, you can stay on budget. What's more, you can also achieve the rich and luxurious designs you’ve been dreaming about. Whether looking for a wallcovering installer, or you are a professional wallcovering installer yourself, WIA has you covered. 

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