Technology has allowed for huge advancements in wallpaper, giving consumers or a wallpaper installer an abundance of decorating options that stand up to the test of time. Nowadays, wallpaper is more than just paper for your walls: Today, wallcoverings come in a variety of materials including vinyl, fabric, foil — and even grass and rice! This opens the door to unique decorating choices from bold patterns as well as metallics to marbles and wallcoverings made from natural materials.

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Wallcovering quality varies from less-expensive, machine-printed, durable, residential options to high-end, hand-printed selections. Wallpaper cost isn't always in direct correlation to its durability and quality. Instead, it has more to do with the creation process. Some more expensive wallcoverings are more fragile and not good options for high-traffic areas.

Recycled wood and natural materials

If you want to bring more natural elements into your home or office, you have plenty of earthy options. Grasscloth, bamboo, mica, and more. All these have exclusive textures and designs to create unique effects.

  • Grasscloth Wallpaper — Weavers create this wallcovering by hand-weaving natural plant fibers together. Sisal, reed, arrowroot, hemp burlap, raw jute, cork, and seagrass are popular options. The finished wallpaper is light and delicate, so it's not ideal for high-traffic areas but produces a wonderfully earthy, natural texture and grassy smell.
  • Mica Wallpaper — Also known as "fool's gold," mica is a glittering mineral found in rock formations that creates an eye-catching reflective sheen as wallpaper, making it great for bathrooms, bedrooms, and also hallways.
  • Bamboo Wallpaper — This wallpaper's natural appearance can give any room a clean, exotic feel. Bamboo is a strong wood, making it more stain resistant and durable than some other natural wallcoverings. The different color and design options give you many different choices to select from.

Colors and patterns

If you'd like a look that tracks with the latest wallcovering trends, go for bold colors and designs. A multitude of options can make any room in your house or office special and unique. From black and white to plaid or stripes, there are enough choices to fit all tastes. Today's floral wallpapers achieve modern looks with bigger flowers and more random patterns than traditional flowered papers. Other unique effects can include metallics as well as marbles.

The wide array of choices in wallpaper designs, colors, and also textures allows you to create timeless yet contemporary looks for all spaces.

Not sure which wallcovering is right for your space? Use our Find an Installer tool to locate a professional wallpaper installer who can help you from concept and design to finished product. Need more assistance? Contact a Wallcovering Installers Association expert today!