holiday wallcoverings - hanging wallpaper

Halloween is over, and department store displays are suddenly screaming “holidays”! ‘Tis the season for hosting festive gatherings with friends, family members, and colleagues, which often means freshening up and revamping interior spaces.

Why choose wallcoverings?

Wallcoverings are a great option for those seeking immediate and impactful transformations in their homes or offices. The right wallcoverings can turn interiors from bleak to chic. In fact, wallcoverings can add that “something special” to plain, boring walls and add character to rooms, which is so much more than a coat of paint can do. Change room ambiances by using wallcoverings to add new colors or textures. Give rooms character with fun, whimsical prints.

But keep in mind that the clock between now and party time is ticking, so don’t delay selecting, ordering, and lining up a professional installer to hang your perfect wallcoverings. Proactive planning now means delighting guests with dazzling interiors come party time, and it all begins with finding the right place to start.

Know what you want

Before diving into a wallcovering project, have a clear vision of what you want the result to look like. One place to start is with the simple question, “How do you want your space to feel: elegant, modern, cheerful, nostalgic, or otherwise?” Professional wallcovering installers can achieve each of these through the right wallcovering selections. Also, with limited time between now and the holidays, be realistic about how much you should do. Often, using the right wallcoverings in smaller spaces like alcoves, nooks, or powder rooms now can create dramatic effects while keeping time-intensive labor down until you have more time to tackle larger spaces.

If you fall in love with a particular wallcovering, act fast if it’s a special-order item, especially if you’d like to use it in those larger spaces later on. Also, be sure to order more than you think you’ll need as there may not be time to place a second order if you run out. Wondering how much to order? A professional installer can provide this service so you know exactly what you will need for a successful installation.

Hire the right installer … and hire now

Finding the right professional wallcovering installer is key to getting the job done right and on time. Installers can book up quickly, especially before and during the busy holiday season, so make it a priority to find a qualified installer immediately. Having an installer lined up early has other benefits, too. Even before installation begins, a wallpaper installation expert will ensure you:

  • Get the right wallcovering types for the intended surfaces as not every wallcovering will adhere well to every surface. A pro can help you pick the right materials for your surfaces.
  • Have the right measurements and know how much to buy or order.

Once wallpaper installation begins, a pro installer will do the proper prep work so your wallcoverings can effectively bond to your walls. Wall preparation is important, and, as the Wallcovering Installers Association notes, “As wallpaper dries, normally over a 24 to 48 hour period, there is a significant amount of pull as the paper contracts. If the wallpaper has not formed a good bond, it will pull away from the wall.”

Textures & Patterns

Additionally, professional installers are skilled in working with textures and patterns that can be altogether too challenging for DIYers. Thick wallcoverings, delicate wallcoverings, and those with patterns that must carefully match up at each seam can easily overwhelm someone who doesn’t have prior installation experience.

Don’t forget to leave yourself time to decorate! Freshly redesigned walls may still need a festive flair — and the tree isn’t going to decorate itself! Hiring a pro lets your redecoration dreams take shape while you focus on other holiday hosting details.

Set yourself up for success this holiday season. If you’re thinking about changing the look of your space in time for the holidays, don’t delay! Find the expert you need today using the Wallcovering Installers Association Find an Installer tool.