commercial wallcoveringGraphic Installations, Inc. is a leader in environmental and architectural installation in southern California. We took a minute to speak with owners Adam and Danielle Segura of Graphic Installations, Inc. this week to understand where they fit into to the custom wallcovering installation business. The Graphic Installations Inc. powerhouse tackling nuanced substrates from glass film, graphic, and wallcoverings has 15 years of professional experience to draw on when managing large scale projects and complex materials.

The southern California couple, Adam and Danielle Segura, call Corona, California, an area just outside of Los Angeles, their home. Their affiliate chapter which they’ve subscribed to since 2016 is the LA chapter of the wallcovering installers association.

They’ve tackled custom printed graphic murals and prints in commercial offices and large-scale spaces around the Los Angeles area. From graphic to abstract, office, to retail they’re the experts on call creating beautiful large-scale solutions.

GI, Inc. Background

Their origin story goes back to around 2005 when they were requested by a client to hang custom paper for a retail space. Coming from a specific background in adhesive backed materials only, the job helped to break them into custom and commercial work. Adam was able to apply what he knew up to that point from hanging adhesive backed murals, he was also able to tap into his network; then he added paste. The rest is history as they say.

GI, Inc. Positioning

Today the couple mostly hang custom commercial wallcovering. They still tackle adhesive backed materials but can fold in pasted papers into the mix. They have always positioned themselves in the retail and events industries, where they install monthly rollouts and special event graphics. Additionally, a few of their Project Management Clients also manage remodel and new retail construction build outs. They attribute these relationships to why they were able to cross over into commercial and construction.

3M Certification Advantage

The family run operation holds a host of impressive certifications that propel them into the market with a reputable reputation to include three separate 3M installation certifications and an Avery CWI Certification. They tackle larger operations that require precise project management and a crew of professionals. They are known for their high-quality craftsmanship, their attention to clients, and customer service that ensures 85% repeat business nearly every time.

The advantage of operating a larger business that tackles a range of 3M substrates is the wealth of knowledge on the 3M substrates available. They have an edge in this market as Adam Segura grew up in the signage and graphics industry and brings many clients to look to them for consulting as well as installation. He brings 20+ years working with 3M substrates, “which leads to meticulous work.”

Advances in Technology

mural wallpaperDanielle sites high quality, high-speed printers making lead times and end results a dream as specific advances in technology shifting things up in their wallcovering offerings. On the operational and client services side, they understand how smartphones make client interactions happen in real time. They also use the machines in their pocket to make Field Verified Measurements a snap to produce. They’re adjusting with positive real-time outcomes and elevated digital work being delivered.  

Advice for Getting Started in Wallcovering

As seasoned professionals, the duo have an idea for how struggling craftsman out there can get a footing in the professional wallcovering industry. Their biggest piece of advice is to not start from a place of scarcity, to understand there is plenty of work for everyone, and to remember that the clients will come. “It’s the pride in workmanship and customer service [that] will keep them coming back,” states Segura.

The main difficulty Adam and Danielle experience and advice they can give is making sure the communication and coordination with the material suppliers are per requirements. They sometimes experience a breakdown in communication on large projects, but their approach is to apply more attention than needed for smaller projects.

Thoughts Overall on the Industry

Naturally, the Graphic Installers team sees the industry from a broad spectrum. On the one side there’s the painting/wallcovering contractor with a 100 guys putting up square footage by the thousands, then on the other side there’s Simon the “International Wallpaper Guy” who installs the finest most delicate hand-painted murals with perfection. There is such a vast distance in the middle too, where installers are known for their quality of work; yet in awe of what some of these professional installers can do.

Favorite Project

We like to ask our subjects about their favorite project for deeper insight into their best projects. The Segura’s recalled for us a project in City National Bank in downtown Los Angeles from earlier this year. They cited the reasons as a low-stress project. They had a great team to work with, which always adds to the successful completion of a project. “Everyone from the Architect to the Painting Contractor were in close communication and all on board to see we had a successful install.”

WIA Membership

The main reason for returning year after year to the WIA as members is the vast network to reference for difficult jobs and the opportunity to collaborate and grow with other members and installers.


If you are primarily working with residential projects and want to grow into bigger projects, look to Adam and Danielle Segura in how to get started in commercial. Their portfolio on Instagram goes even further to illustrate the range and breadth of projects they’ve completed with their signature professionalism.