If it seems like everything Joanna Gaines touches turns to gold; then you’ve been paying attention. And while her HGTV show Fixer Upper (that is coming to an end after its fifth season) is more addicting than the chips on taco Tuesday, her empire doesn’t stop there. Joanna has come out with a new cookbook, she’s launched a home decorating line with Target, and wouldn’t you know it - she has a fifth baby on the way! For the wallcovering installer that is the name brand type or should we say the name-dropping type, you’re going to also want to check out Gaines’ Magnolia Market Wallcoverings.

Starts With S; Rhymes With Shiplap

If you’ve even seen one before and after on Fixer Upper, you’re familiar with the country-chic neutrals used in each project. Gaines can do a lot with a shabby start and only a few colors. She does a whole lot more with accent walls and her signature shiplap to take a design to the next level. It is for that reason, that we’re super excited her line of wallcoverings offers a neutral white panel design to mimic the 2-to-6-inch organic wood grain material used in her kitchens, grand rooms, and accent walls.

Customers may shy away from using the real wood product because they’re concerned with the permanence of putting so many nails in their walls. If the typical 6” board doesn’t fit the look you are after, Magnolia Market Wallcoverings offers a Skinnylap wallpaper displaying 2” wide boards. Another benefit of using the Magnolia Market material, besides the name brand, is the low maintenance and ability to clean the wall. Finally, at $80 a roll for 56 square feet of wallpaper it is comparable to an estimated $160 for 100 square feet of shiplap; pine wood boards.

Classic Stripes, Polka Dots, and Buffalo Check

Leave it to Joanna Gaines to bring a new level of sophistication to classically whimsical designs. Her approach to polka dots of using muted colors that resemble a lived-in, gently washed feel; elevates the wallpaper to a timeless choice. The muted color palette for her vertical stripes in grey, blue, and black pair with cream to warm up a more masculine look. Stripes and polka dots never disappoint, and when they’re in the perfect shade of moss-green, or bold black and soft cream; they make encouraging Magnolia Market goods for a project a client pleaser.

Buffalo check, not to be confused with gingham a small square pattern, is a larger check pattern of two-to-three colors usually utilizing black as one of the colors. The Magnolia Market Buffalo Check is absolutely stunning used on an accent wall and will immediately leave you craving ways to find as many opportunities to paste it. Her touch of DIY watercolor for the black checks gives it such subtle and rich character; that we’re left breathless at her masterful design.

Words and Pictures on a Page

Beyond checks, stripes, and shiplap are more creative and intricate designs that demand a chance to be seen. Her design for using blueprints on a wallpaper is so genius and self-referential that we wish we would have thought of it. Making a space feel personal feels really in right now and her Noteworthy Wallpaper of repeating cursive scripts with raised, sculptural inks puts a personal touch on a project that may otherwise seem cookie cutter.

This wouldn’t be Magnolia Market Wallcoverings if there weren’t floral patterns using magnolias. The design of the hand sketched flowers framed individually on a black and white canvas are just the notes needed to create a sophisticated-southern-charm space.

Closing Thoughts

Tuck the Magnolia Market Wallcovering offering into your toolkit for every chance you get to add your touch of country-chic into a project. While $80-$90 a roll of paper might exceed the average, all of her goods are designed and made in America and her products are more than paper; their art.