How Can I Integrate Wallpaper into Modern Designs

Don’t overthink that question. Why? Wallcovering is modern. In fact, wallpaper and wallcoverings have consistently been at the forefront of contemporary design. The flexibility of textures and designs make wallpapers lasting and bold design elements for any room. If using wallpaper in your next design project, consider a few things prior to meeting with your design consultant.

Design considerations

  1. Identify the relative size and shape of the room or rooms in which you’d like to hang wallcoverings. This can help you determine if you would like to make the room appear larger or smaller, brighter or dimmer, more stark or cozier.
  2. Determine the attributes of the area you'd like to cover. Find out if moisture or humidity could affect your installation. While wallpaper is the essence of modern interior design, making the best decision among the right wallcovering types can help confirm your sense of refinement in the long run.
  3. Once you determine the durability you need for your location and demands — like pets or kids — feel free to ask an experienced professional installer for input on your selection before you commit. After all, he or she sees wallcoverings every day and can share insight for your needs.
  4. Don't forget you'll need to prepare your walls. This is where your installation professional can really guide you by repairing, smoothing, and priming surfaces with the right products before installing any wallcovering.

Design consultants

With various options in material, texture, color and more, the different types of wallcoverings — and your design options — are nearly endless. Once you have a place to start, it may be time to call a professional design consultant to help you choose the best wallpaper for your home. A design consultant will also help you define a definite design goal, working in tandem with you to find out precisely what you hope to achieve and help you set clear goals.

Today's wallcovering selections offer texture, occasionally three-dimensional aesthetics, and a never-ending variety of color. The question is no longer "Should I hang wallpaper?" Now, the question is only "Why would I not hang wallpaper?"

With the right wallcovering choice, you can alter and elevate the overall layout and feel of any room to create a unique and inviting space. Whether the demand is to add dimension to a smaller sitting area or to create a revitalized, unique statement, wallpaper could be the answer you need.

Find a Wallcovering InstallerTo master any modern design, be sure to look for a professional wallcovering installer for your next project. Use the Wallcovering Installers Association (WIA) Find an Installer tool. Want to become a WIA member? Contact a WIA representative today!