Marketing isn’t a prerequisite for wallcovering installation.

In fact, the two don’t always mesh well together. As artists, some wallcovering installers don’t immediately see the value in selling and marketing themselves and their work. While “the work speaks for itself” is a valid statement, it loses its weight if the work isn’t seen outside of the confines of the existing client base.

marketing for wallcovering installers

Small business owners, wallcovering installers being no exception, continue to question investing dollars into approaches that may or may not be effective. All while running the services and operations of their business. Luckily marketing doesn’t have to have to break installers’ wallets. Installers can establish a framework that works for them, and carry it through with consistency so that they can continue to do what they do best─install wallcoverings and design spaces.

Tools like the Marketing Workbook for Wallcovering Installers can help installers establish a framework that, if executed mindfully and consistently, can grow businesses without breaking wallets and schedules.

The workbook gives wallcovering installers relevant context, tools, and templates to help them:

  • Define potential customers
  • Identify benchmarks and measurements of success
  • Promote the good stuff (i.e. client work)
  • Listen to what customers and prospects are saying
  • Build a digital presence
  • Establish themselves as experts in the industry

Through comprehensive exercises and real-world applications, the workbook demonstrates that owning the marketing end of your business isn’t just beneficial…it’s attainable and relatively budget-friendly, particularly for business owners in the creative and visual space.

Check out our Marketing Workbook for more information.