Digital Decor: Wallcovering reach the next level

There’s a hot new trend in wallcovering production: digitally printed designs. While hand crafted wallcoverings made by fine artisans are still a viable option, a new generation of enthusiasts are excited about the precision, low cost, and high-speed availability of digital wallcoverings.

A new spin on the classics

Traditionally printed papers will no doubt remain popular for their distinct artisan quality, tactile advantages, and human touch. There’s a noticeable beauty to handmade wallcoverings that belies the care their creators took and the time they spent on each piece. But not every customer has an artisan budget, and for those looking for trendier, custom-made, more affordable, and faster alternatives, digitally printed papers are providing fresh options.


Custom production and installation

Digital printing gives wallcovering producers the agility to manufacture bespoke pieces and provide personalized services for clients that print on demand. Customers can work with professional designers and installers to customize their homes or businesses at entirely new levels. Their walls can even feature consumers’ own artwork, photographs, or text — reflecting personal tastes and individual styles.

Printers can also work with a variety of materials to properly suit wallcoverings to the surfaces they’ll be applied to. A wide range of colored inks are available. Also, modern printers have a unique ability to color-match across pieces, making designs consistent and vibrant. For consumers, that means you can carry exact color or tone as a theme throughout your entire home or business. Some printers even program room dimensions and cut pieces to work to the advantage of certain spaces. This saves installers time and money — and makes for happy customers, too.

Wallcoverings can now move from a design concept to installation in only a few hours, and access to new materials further eases the application process. Even with this quick-print turnaround, it’s important you keep in mind that digital prints can be more difficult to align when installing. If you want perfectly matched seams for your designs, it’s best you hire a professional installer. When you trust an expert to print your digital wallcoverings, get the expertise of a certified installer to hang them.

Get on trend

The boom in wallcovering popularity has been building for a while — and keeps trending upward. Improvements in wallcovering technology have also made specialty designing and printing more accessible to small business artists and boutiques. With social media promotion, artists can gain the attention of clients looking for the special attention of a design partnership with a small enterprise. These independent maker-movement designers are bolstering the wallcovering economy. They are bringing additional jobs to installers and bringing back a public enthusiasm for turning walls into art installations.

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