Since 2000, color company Pantone has provided an annual "color of the year." At the end of each year, after watching trends for months prior, Pantone professionals select one color to place above all others: the stylistic lexicon that inspires trends throughout the year. Always one of the biggest buzz topics in fashion, art, design, and textiles around December each year, many attempt to guess what the color of the year 2017 will be.

Color of the Year 2017

This year, the honor went to "Greenery" — which Pantone experts describe as "a fresh and zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring." Inspiring because of its draw from nature, this shade of green has already become ubiquitous in travel photos, food spreads, clothing trends, and, of course, wallcoverings: This year’s color has led to an increase in inquiries about wallcoverings in Greenery shades. This particular home decor fashion statement could mean increased interest in wallpaper.

color of the year 2017 - pantone


According to the Forbes article, this color is naturally inspired and invokes environmentally friendly thoughts and ideas. Natural elements are likely to be pertinent in its implementation. Also, homeowners have many options for wallcoverings in Greenery shades. Elemental hangings, such as bamboo wallcoverings or paneling can allow Greenery to add a pop of color to any space.

Green Modern Bedroom

Color Schemes for the Color of the Year 2017

Color schemes for rooms can be difficult to decide on, but try to find a neutral color palette. This can allow for easy updates, upgrades, and embellishments. Investigate a variety of options before making your final selections. If you’re still struggling to choose a color scheme, opt to look at the smaller picture and not the larger. Does a vase, rug, or piece of art inspire you? Use those options as starting points to expand your design vision for these desired spaces.

Choosing Colors

Choosing colors to adorn accent walls is another way to highlight Pantone's Greenery. This is a quick, specific way to introduce the color into your home decorating scheme. And moreover, without large costs or time expenses. Accent walls of flat stone wallpaper or grasscloth wallcoverings easily add natural inspiration.

Several wallcovering designers have already released textured Greenery-colored wallpaper. Whether taking on a total room remodel or just upgrading an element or two, make sure Greenery is on your list of trends to implement this year!

Need some wallcovering inspiration? Head to our gallery! Ready for a change but not willing to take on Greenery all by yourself? Our Locate an Installer tool can help you find a professional wallcovering hanger with experience in the industry — as well as an insider’s view of the Greenery trend! And, if you’d like to speak with a Wallcovering Installers Association representative, feel free to give us a call at (800) 254-6477.