Product Testing Service

The Wallcovering Installers Association provides a Product Testing Service to wallcovering industry suppliers. The service is available to both member and non-member suppliers of the Association for a nominal fee, with members receiving a preferred rate.

The Product Testing Service is exactly what it sounds like, a program to professionally test all wallcovering related products from wallcovering to primers to adhesives to tools and other sundry items. Virtually any industry-related product can have evaluation programs developed.

The program serves as an extension of corporate quality assurance programs. The program provides "real-life" evaluations by the same professionals who use or will use the product(s) on a regular basis in the field.

Where are tests conducted?

The testing service covers all regions of the continental United States. If you have a product that is regional, we can test it in the region of your choice. Need testing in markets outside of your normal territory? We can offer good hard data from the market in question.

Additionally, if you are trying to find testing of a general nature, we are able to hit all regions. Another advantage of nationwide testing gives tests the ability to be conducted in areas with variances in humidity, weather, construction, etc.

Facilities for Product Testing Service

Testing performed in professional environments and facilities. Locations designed specifically for wallcovering product testing. Testing held at the Williamson School of Free Trades in Pennsylvania unless otherwise requested by the supplier. The school has state of the art facilities with all of the necessary materials, as well as tools, for a professional testing atmosphere. Installers are able to simulate a real field environment.

Testing Sites and Timing

You may request up to five test sites per test. The number of sites determines the cost. A 2-3 week time frame is to be expected for returned evaluations and summations, from delivery of goods to testers. Finally, rush tests are accommodatable.

Evaluation customization and fees

The program testers work from a standard evaluation form specifically designed by a team consisting of professional installers and manufacturers. Evaluation forms are customizable. However, some requests may require an additional charge. Finally, the WIA National Office provides contact information for all testers.

  • One test site - $250*
  • Two test sites - $400*
  • Three Test Sites - $550*
  • Four test sites - $700*
  • Five test sites - $850*
  • *Additional product tests at the same site: Reduced rate of $125 per additional product per request.
  • **Non-members should add $200 per test site price.