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Steven Kaye C.P.

Paper Craft Interiors Inc.
(847) 338-9461
3630 Lakeview Drive
Algonquin, IL 60102

I began my trade and graduated from the U.S. School of Professional Paperhanging in 1977, located in Rutland, Vermont. I have been an active member of the NGPP/WIA for the past 20 years. I was a Chicago Chapter President for 6 years. On a National level, I served as Midwest Regional Director for 7 years. I am a board member of the education committee. I have attended many conventions and workshops (10 ) so that I can continue my education and to be updated in the newest trends in the wall-covering industry. I have won our national award ( WWWW ) Winning Walls With Wallcoverings 4 times.This is an award given to an installer for an outstanding achievement in an installation. As you can see from reading my biography, that I take my craft as an installer very seriously. I have been installing wallpaper since 1977 and after all these years i continue to enjoy my trade. I have installed custom hand painted scenic wallpapers from de Gournay and Gracie. Many varieties of Grasscloth. English pulp papers from Farrow & Ball, Osborne & Little, Cowtan & Tout, Cole & Son. Commercial vinyls and Digital printed murals and many other custom wallpapers. Thank you for reading my biography and I hope I may be of service to you.

WIA Chapter: Chicago


  • Boutique and Designer Wallcoverings

    This class covers the many choices of wallcovering which are often found in a high end residential setting. A graduate of this session will be exposed to how to estimate for the unique widths and lengths of material, how to inspect what you receive, how to properly trim and how to complete the installation of these rarified goods. The students will also be involved in the specific choices regarding which paste is most appropriate to use (and how to make that decision). Additional focus will be on how to work with this type of customer and designer for an easy path forward on the project.

  • Certified Paperhangers

    Certified Paperhangers are graduates who skills are comprehensive. These select few installers have studied course manuals to address all manner of installation concerns, ranging from estimating to adapting to the needs of the site. From primer selection to adhesive determination. They would have skills which allow them to succeed with many types of wallcovering from simple prepasted to delicate fabrics and murals. These elite installers have a long history of installation when they submit their references to the program and they are then tested on the content of the course material to assure everyone that they have the skills required to tackle high end and unique installations of materials which are often delicate or demanding.

  • Commercial Installation 101

    Completion of this class will mean the student is proficient at: measuring for commercial vinyl goods, setting up a commercial jobsite, pulling vinyl wallcovering through a machine and creating proper commercial seaming through overlapping and doublecutting. Students will have understand how to handle patterning and how to follow up on a punchlist.

  • Foils and Mylars

    Graduates of this class will have become skilled with handling and installing the various forms of metallic content wallcoverings, especially laminated foils. They will understand the limitations of the material, the proper care which is needed to inspect and trim the material as well as the need to control the area in order to prevent any unexpected events during installation. Proper adhesive selection, recommended techniques for smoothing and the care/cleaning of the material once installed are all covered in this class.

  • Maya Romanoff

    Graduates of this specialty class learn the specific techniques necessary for the installation of the wide array of product offerings from this particular manufacturer. Those techniques include working with: glass beads, wood veneer, lacquered goods and precious metals. Class topics include proper wall and room preparation, moisture control of adhesives, effective layout considerations and specific handling of each of the specific products. All of the techniques are designed to enhance the elegance of these high end wallcoverings.