The NGPP is now The WIA

The National Guild of Professional Paperhangers (NGPP) is now the Wallcovering Installers Association (WIA)

ngpp - wia

Change never rests! For 40 years, our association of professional wallcovering installers has been known as the National Guild of Professional Paperhangers (NGGP). But context and time often reveal the need to make adjustments.

We have grown to become an international association. As the term "paperhanger" was rapidly falling out of fashion, we listened to the professional marketing consultants and the public. We have changed our organizational name which reflects a modern mindset. Thus, the Wallcovering Installers Association (WIA) is born of the same lineage we have maintained with the NGPP for these many decades.

While our name may change, our central mission does not. We will continue to strive to be the home organization for intelligent installations of wallcoverings. We will be the source for education and exposure to new techniques for wallpaper hangers wherever they may be working. Our training, networking as well as educational resources will continue to be our strength.  "Beautiful installations and superior craftsmanship" is not just a phrase to us. Every day, around the globe, dedicated members of the WIA install the most challenging projects and materials imaginable. The knowledge and guidance learned from our growing pool of installers to share better techniques is what keeps our industry improving and also providing superior work.

Within this site, you will find many new areas to explore as well as reasons to become a part of our association. Review our summary of our benefits to learn what it means to be an actively networking member, continually learning and expanding your craft.

For more information, please feel free to contact us at any time. The WIA is available via email, phone, or online.