WIA National Awards

The WIA annually recognizes leaders in our industry through the WIA National Awards. We know that our members and their gift of time and energy are critical success factors that no organization can survive without. Show your appreciation by submitting a nomination. The criteria for each category can be found on this page below the form links. Please take the time to read each thoroughly and think about whom you know that might qualify and whom you would like to nominate. Please be specific as nominations without specifics will not be considered. The deadline for nominations is July 1, 2020!

Please click to view the .Historical Award Winners Compilation

WIA National Awards Description

Outstanding Achievement Award in Honor of Sam Kovnat

The individual must have a minimum of 10 years of service to the Association at a combination of local and national levels including local level/chapter officer, involvement in the industry, national level-board member with substantial responsibilities or committee chair whose ideas and dedication have brought projects to fruition.

Innovative Service Award

This award is for an innovative program or service that furthers the Association within the industry, the profession or the membership at the local or national level. Nominations can be for an individual or a group for their collective work. The program’s conception, development and implementation must be presented along with the benefit to WIA or the installation industry it provided (i.e. Maya Romanoff Educational Program, The Point System, etc). This can include service to WIA beyond the call of regular involvement and/or revitalization of a chapter through a new creative approach.

Member of the Year Award in Honor of Bob Isenberger

The involvement can be at the local or national level with contributions that have benefited a chapter, region or the entire membership that exceeds normal participation expected from a member.

Outstanding Chapter Award in Honor of Guy Cooper

Awarded to an outstanding WIA affiliated chapter. Examples of a worthy chapter include:

  • Seventy-five percent of members attend meetings/activities
  • Yearly charity projects either with chapter members or individuals within a chapter
  • Great programs for members
  • Activities that bring members’ families and/or other chapters together
  • Interaction with local industry people
  • Workshops or Meet the Association programs
  • Member recruitment and retention


Associate Member of the Year Award in Honor of Skip Lowe

This award is presented to an Associate member who has given dedicated service to the Association. It is anticipated that the Board of Directors would place names in nomination; however, any member may nominate an associate, serving at the National or local level. Documentation of the contributions of the Associate must be included with the nomination.

Leadership Award in Honor of Patricia Niehaus

This award is for an individual who has displayed leadership, initiative, creativity, dedication and through involvement has inspired others. WIA members, leaders, staff or industry related organizations may nominate an installer member for this award. Self-nominations will not be considered.