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Wallcovering Installation Training

WIA University - Wallcovering Installers Accreditation

The Wallcovering Installers Association understands that you know your craft. But even with years of experience, there are still new tips and tricks to the trade that even the most seasoned installer can learn. Equally, or perhaps even more important, is the ability to show potential customers and clients what skills and expertise you have to offer. WIA has developed professional skills development courses for a variety of manufacturer’s products and installation processes as an online notation system for training validation.

The AI is an impactful marketing tool for WIA members and provides validation to the public and manufacturing community as to the consistency of training WIA members receive. What better way for the wallcovering manufacturers to refer trained installers of their process/product.

Course content overview for current WIA accredited courses

Online Training Coming Soon

This portion of our site is currently under construction while we continue to build the University. Gratefully, only virtual bricks and virtual mortar are necessary! When completed over the next several months, this is where you will find all our class offerings for the various accreditations we will initially offer. You will be able to register and pay for classes online via this link, so check back soon to review the class catalogue and descriptions so you can schedule your next class.