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Wallpaper & Mural Installation --- Wallpaper Removal --- Wallpaper Repair --- Professional Painting --- Popcorn Ceiling Removal. Celebrating 35 years in business across Southern California. General Liability Insurance; Licensed; Bonded; Scissor Lift Certified. Member of WIA and Graduate of USC School of Business. We cover all of Southern California!

WIA Chapter: At-Large
License: 668551
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All of Southern California


  • Boutique and Designer Wallcoverings

    This class covers the many choices of wallcovering which are often found in a high end residential setting. A graduate of this session will be exposed to how to estimate for the unique widths and lengths of material, how to inspect what you receive, how to properly trim and how to complete the installation of these rarified goods. The students will also be involved in the specific choices regarding which paste is most appropriate to use (and how to make that decision). Additional focus will be on how to work with this type of customer and designer for an easy path forward on the project.

  • Commercial Installation 101

    Completion of this class will mean the student is proficient at: measuring for commercial vinyl goods, setting up a commercial jobsite, pulling vinyl wallcovering through a machine and creating proper commercial seaming through overlapping and doublecutting. Students will have understand how to handle patterning and how to follow up on a punchlist.

  • Foils and Mylars

    Graduates of this class will have become skilled with handling and installing the various forms of metallic content wallcoverings, especially laminated foils. They will understand the limitations of the material, the proper care which is needed to inspect and trim the material as well as the need to control the area in order to prevent any unexpected events during installation. Proper adhesive selection, recommended techniques for smoothing and the care/cleaning of the material once installed are all covered in this class.

  • Residential Wallcovering Installation

    Graduates of this course are skilled in how to select and apply wallcovering approved primers to common wall surfaces, how to measure for wallcoverings, how to layout/engineer the installation and, finally, how to balance installations in order to achieve the best possible look for the combination of the room, the specific material and the methods of installation. Details such as seam placement, HVAC vents and outlet/switch covers are addressed. Additional topics include: selecting the ceiling line placement and all installation details for both pre-pasted and unpasted wallcoverings. This is considered a basic level class.

  • Self Stick Digital Graphics

    The graduates of this class will be skilled in the installation of multiple self adhesive products. They will become familiar with the different materials, adhesive systems and the techniques and methods which lead to superior installations of these tricky to handle products.

  • Unpasted Digital Graphics

    This class focuses upon wall mural installation. Graduates will learn the steps necessary to successfully install a multiple panel digitally printed mural on a wall. The details encompass measuring, field verification of the dimensions, selection of primer and adhesive, inspection of material, layout adjustments, communication with the printer and/or graphic teams, installation techniques and tips. Various substrates and their unique concerns are addressed.