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Nomination Form Sam Kovnat Award

    Candidates will be considered by the Awards Committee on the basis of the information supplied with thenomination therefore a complete form is highly recommended. Please use one form per nominee. Deadline forsubmission is July 1, 2018.
  • Sam Kovnat Award
    This is the highest award bestowed by the WIA. This award is given to a paperhanger (regular) member who has given outstanding service to the WIA over an extended period of years. The nominations come from the Board of Directors. (If you have a person in mind contact a board member to discuss).The individual must have a minimum of 10 years of service to the WIA at a combination of local and national levels, i.e. local level‐ chapter officer, involvement in the industry; i.e national level‐board member with substantial responsibilities; committee chair whose ideas and dedication have brought projects to fruition.

    Please answer the following questions with the information that you feel qualifies your nominee for the award. Specifics need to be listed. Contact the nominee, a chapter officer, other member, etc. to get all pertinent information. The committee can only review what is supplied!