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Sheets of Chic: Luxury Wallcovering Options Abound

What separates a luxury home from a house? A luxury automobile from a car? Quality, artistry, customization, and the little details that collectively elevate it from ordinary to extraordinary. Wallcoverings also have an upper echelon that’s in a class — and price range — of its own. So, what defines a wallcovering as luxury? Handcrafted […]

Destination Inspiration: An Around-the-World Tour of Wallpaper Perfection

Need a little inspiration as you prepare to tackle a redesign project and consider wallcovering options? Peek at these celebrated establishments that boldly incorporate wallcoverings into their interior themes. From retro to nostalgic to lavish, these examples demonstrate the dramatic as well as delightful difference wallcoverings can make. 1. Leo’s Oyster Bar — San Francisco […]

green wallpaper

Eco-Friendly Wallcoverings Come in Many Shades of ‘Green’

“Going green” is proving much more than a trendy marketing tactic. For a large segment of today’s consumers, green options represent lifestyle choices rooted in healthy living and environmental consciousness. Now, everyday products like vehicles, foods, home décor, and more play major roles in purchasing decisions. For many, green options even trump product pricing or […]

Cyndi Green

Featured Wallcovering Hanger: Cyndi Green

Cyndi Green’s wallcovering career began over thirty years ago when, with the help of a book and a determined disposition that would help propel her career, she hung wallpaper in her own home. And she was hooked. For the next 15 years, Green perfected her craft by hanging paper in others’ homes. Her eye for […]

How Can I Integrate Wallpaper into Modern Designs?

Don’t overthink that question. Why? Wallcovering is modern. In fact, wallpaper and wallcoverings have consistently been at the forefront of contemporary design. The flexibility of textures and designs make wallpapers lasting and bold design elements for any room. If using wallpaper in your next design project, consider a few things prior to meeting with your […]

Featured Wallcovering Hanger: Heidi Wright-Mead

Heidi Wright-Mead found her passion for wallcovering almost by accident. Trained as a registered nurse, Heidi was assisting her high-school boyfriend who was a table mechanic when he cut himself at a job site. She stepped in to help complete the work, and discovered a vocation that she found creatively fulfilling and intellectually stimulating — […]


Digital Decor: Wallcoverings Reach the Next Level

There’s a hot new trend in wallcovering production: digitally printed designs. While hand crafted wallcoverings made by fine artisans are still a viable option, a new generation of enthusiasts are excited about the precision, low cost, and high-speed availability of digital wallcoverings. A new spin on the classics Traditionally printed papers will no doubt remain […]

Repair Roulette: Know When to DIY and When to Call the Professionals

Whether you’ve invested in beautiful wallcoverings or you’re working to preserve your vintage or antique wallpapers, the last thing you want to see is a scuff, puncture, or tear on your walls. Over time, some bad things can happen to good wallcoverings. The best fixes for those moments may require some thought about when you […]


Featured Wallcovering Hanger: Shelly Wilkins

Featured Wallcovering Hanger, Shelly Wilkins, had spent only six months assisting other paperhangers when she had a realization: She could do this better — and she did. Shelly took full advantage of the 1980s Texas housing boom, became an entrepreneur, and freed herself of her retail management job that had been burning her out. She […]


Wallpaper Is Sticking Around

For the past few years, trendy designs from home improvement shows and home decor stylists have helped wallcoverings maintain their popularity — specifically wallpaper. In fact, most homeowners can now benefit from the wallcovering designs developed in the homes of the ultra-rich. Those fashion forward homes are often viewed as the perfect place for design […]