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Welcome to the Wallcovering Installers Association (WIA) blog! Stop back often to see the latest tips, tricks, and trends in the wallcovering industry for installers and consumers. If you’re a wallcovering installer, use the red button on the left to get more information on joining the WIA. If you’re looking for new wallcoverings for your home or business, find a trusted professional installer using the green button on the left. We hope you enjoy our blogs, and we’ll see you again soon!

Repair Roulette: Know When to DIY and When to Call the Professionals

Whether you’ve invested in beautiful wallcoverings or you’re working to preserve your vintage or antique wallpapers, the last thing you want to see is a scuff, puncture, or tear on your walls. Over time, some bad things can happen to good wallcoverings. The best fixes for those moments may require some thought about when you […]


Featured Wallcovering Hanger: Shelly Wilkins

Featured Wallcovering Hanger, Shelly Wilkins, had spent only six months assisting other paperhangers when she had a realization: She could do this better — and she did. Shelly took full advantage of the 1980s Texas housing boom, became an entrepreneur, and freed herself of her retail management job that had been burning her out. She […]


Wallpaper Is Sticking Around

For the past few years, trendy designs from home improvement shows and home decor stylists have helped wallcoverings maintain their popularity — specifically wallpaper. In fact, most homeowners can now benefit from the wallcovering designs developed in the homes of the ultra-rich. Those fashion forward homes are often viewed as the perfect place for design […]

Hide a Secret Passage in Your Home

Doorways to hidden rooms will always have some allure and mystery. But secret passages are not reserved only for fantasy realms or Tudor castles. In fact, they’re increasingly popular in modern interior design. Homeowners and contractors can use several tools — including wallcoverings — to conceal secret passages. Before we look at those, let’s first […]

Rolls of wallpaper on desk

How Can You Find the Perfect Wallpaper?

Choosing the right wallpaper for your decorating needs goes beyond visual paper aesthetics. Enhancing a room using appealing colors and patterns can bring that area to life. However, you should consider other things that go beyond looks. You ought to think of the traffic volume in the area, paper durability and grade, and how long your […]

Green Modern Bedroom

Bring Greenery Inside

Since 2000, color company Pantone has provided an annual “color of the year.” At the end of each year, after watching trends for months prior, Pantone professionals select one color to place above all others: the stylistic lexicon that inspires trends throughout the year. Always one of the biggest buzz topics in fashion, art, design, […]

Preserve History Through Wallpaper Conservation

Did you know groups focus on preserving antique wallcoverings? Members formed the Wallpaper History Society, based in the U.K., in 1986, which “celebrates the history, design, social relevance, and wallpaper conservation of historic and contemporary wallcoverings and promotes both their study and that of the many trades and professions associated with them.” Society members encourage […]

2016 S12

Wallcovering: A Look That Stands the Test of Time

Technology has allowed for huge advancements in wallpaper, giving consumers an abundance of decorating options that stand up to the test of time. Nowadays, wallpaper is more than just paper for your walls: Today, wallcoverings come in a variety of materials including vinyl, fabric, foil — and even grass and rice! This opens the door […]


Hire a Professional Wallcovering Hanger for a Professional Outcome

Wallcovering installation and painting may seem similar — but can painters hang wallcoverings? No! Hire an expert wallcovering hanger to get the job done right.


Start Now and Grow Your Business in 2017

Ready to make this year your best yet? Begin with some analysis and a solid plan. Don’t know where to start? Follow these simple best practices!